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As per a study by Nielsen, less than 50% of all trade promotions are unable to increase sales growth despite the fact that retailers that leverage digital marketing are witnessing 2.5x-3x lifts in vital performance metrics - thanks to exponential improvements in marketing initiatives.

Yes, the battleground for customer growth is indeed online. But the basics of trade & marketing are still the same.

Manufacturers still need to differentiate their products by creating a buzz before anything hits the shelf. They still must deal with an incredibly distracted audience with diverse priorities.

Wholesalers and distributes are still driven by profit margins and go all out to make sales happen. Retailers still want to do just that AND provide a superior customer experience.

And, trade marketing is still the missing link that completes the chain of sales partners and determines its business outcome.

Our Solutions

As game changing, success-oriented mavericks, AZ realizes that there is much more to trade marketing than selling a product that can again be resold.

It is about empowering product makers to make their product more attractive to retailers, wholesalers and distributors – and helping all of them reap massive profits.

To this end, we:

Work with all your distribution partner networks to create a curated and wholesome customer experience.

Determine the best secondary sales product alongside the main product which has game-changing relevance for Pharma, FMCG and other firms.

Ensure you get the best product at the best possible price using our industry-leading supply chain network, and that the material reaches the distributors on time.

Benefits of Working with Us

End-to-End Sourcing and Supply Chain Network

We handle the entire spectrum of fulfillment in the backend - from sourcing to supplying products directly to distributors – from a single console.

Ease, Efficiency & Profitability

To make trade marketing work for you, the first step is to better understand what your audience wants. At AZ, we take the pain out of all supply chain & sourcing initiatives, help you cut through the noise.

Widespread Reach

Brick and mortar shops can only sell so many products because there’s a limit to a shelf space in a store. We’re committed to making your product more appealing to everybody that matters to your growth, all the while decoding profitable strategies that are often ignored or underused.

Plan Your Success

In an era where even a slight deviation in either direction can be the difference between success and failure, the need of the hour is to bolster promotion strategies using calculated foresight. We leverage fault-proof category management principles to optimize your product offering.

Collaborative Relationships

Trade marketing is unique in its ability to build and sustain relationships with important supply chain contacts. Building on this, we make sure this reads well into the future of your products.

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