Our Mission

At AZ, we are obsessed in our commitment to help your business grow in all possible ways with a one-click solution. We don’t stop at providing an ideal platform to sell your products; we begin from there; handling all the Ecommerce operations – right from product listing and shipping to fulfillment and return management - across B2B and B2C channels.

With over 6 years of experience in the ecommerce industry, we take pride in our ability to take the pain out of running a multi channel business online - the kind that engage and empowers users for years. The kind that revolutionizes corporate processes and commands industry recognition.

Our signature lies in providing multichannel integration and competitive intelligence to see and do what others don’t.

With real-time insights, on-demand reconciliation and technology-driven integration/features at your fingertips, you’ll have more time to focus on things that matter to your business.

We are driven by three pillars:


Running an online business is hard enough. There is no need to add more complications to the fray. We at AZ believe in keeping things simple and frictionless by adding meaning and subtracting the obvious.

We don’t leave you to connect the dots. We spell it all out for you. We guide you through every touchpoint of your digital journey.


Through simplicity begins great beauty and of course, clarity. We eliminate all hurdles, complexities and potential loopholes to drive unmatched convenience and blur the line between business jargons.


As online distributors for some of the biggest brands, we understand the importance of crystal-clear, 360° visibility. We delight and engage your sellers by notifying them about everything they need to complete an order - including an expected time of arrival.

Our Vision

At the core of our vision are driving forces that inspires us to transcend customer expectations and going beyond excellence – down to the last mile.

We’re already past the fast lane and are marching towards new miracles-in-the-making in the realm of eCommerce.

We envision your growth story, on your terms:

Become the globally-preferred online distribution system – that addresses all your eCommerce needs, no matter what marketplaces you’re targeting.

Wow customers by anticipating their needs before addressing them at the intersection of innovation and distribution.

Help you manage your ecommerce ecosystem and augment your distribution system.

Streamline product information flow order flow and physical flow.

Decode and simplify cost and revenue management.

Our Values

AZ is committed towards meeting the exacting standards of doing business and centering our ethos on the new currency of the digital era – agile.

We value:

Individuals over Processes

Customer engagement over Tools

Customer collaboration over settling contracts

Innovation over Reactive Iterations

In the wake of the burgeoning price-war in ecommerce, the key to unlocking profits lies in managing your business flawlessly. To this end, we are driven by our passion to sharpen your competitive edge and becoming your powerhouse to deepening your distribution networks.

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